Case Study 3: Setting up a new business in the US

Adviser name: Paul Crispin

Case Study 3: Setting up a new business in the US



Are you setting up a new business in the US? Here’s how we helped an entrepreneur like you…

Mike had been running a successful technology business in the UK for a number of years. With a view to expanding his business, he identified opportunities for new work in the US.

He started planning and decided he would move out there for a while in order to set up an office in the States.

Expert advice, when it’s needed most

As an entrepreneur, he knew he needed expert advice, so he approached Satis to advise on how best to go about this.

We discussed:

  • Expectations in the future for his US subsidiary
  • The accounting and the tax implications of various options
  • How the business might operate in practice.

We then recommended an appropriate structure and provided options for how the US business could be funded.

Once the structure had been agreed, we incorporated the relevant entity in the US on Mike’s behalf.

Remaining compliant

When the time came, we assisted the business in the preparation and filing of the necessary US Federal and State tax returns. As well as Mike’s personal tax returns to cover his period of residence in the US.

Working with Mike shows you how we assess a situation, apply our knowledge and expertise, carry out required tasks, and help clients to realise their ambitions.

What our clients say

As an American residing in London, I have complex tax requirements having to file both in the USA along with the UK.

Satis Tax has not only undertaken this massive assignment with rigour, but more importantly, it has been the very personal engagement and insightful counselling that has shaped the relationship beyond the professional requirement. Their work undertaken has been flawless in its execution. Without hesitation I would recommend their services to all those that require a level of professionalism that goes beyond a remit.


Ross Badger, and now his team at Satis Tax, has been handling my US and UK tax affairs for almost 25 years. Aside from the high quality of the firm’s work and its tireless effort to ensure that tax planning in both jurisdictions is as efficient as permissible, what I have particularly liked is the unstinting personal service that Ross and his colleagues provide. But, perhaps, the best indication of my satisfaction with Satis’ work is the numerous clients I have referred to the firm all of whom have been equally happy with their experience.


Although tax time is no fun for most people Satis Tax makes it easy and painless. Their knowledge of both US and UK tax requirements along with their quick response to queries has enabled me to spend more time on other pressing issues.

Phoenix, AZ

One or more of the Satis Tax principals has been handling my personal taxes, both US and UK, for over 35 years. That fact speaks for itself. Several aspects of Satis' work impress me: 1) Thorough understanding of both the UK and USA tax systems; 2) Attention to detail; 3) A conservative approach combined with an appreciation that for the client "every dollar/pound matters" when it comes to limiting one's tax liabilities.


Having decided to emigrate to the U.S., I was completely unprepared for how complex the interaction between the UK and US tax systems would be. From initial tax planning advice prior to emigrating, several subsequent complex business transactions, to filing both our UK and US annual returns, I’ve always felt assured that Satis have a complete understanding of the complexities of the tax regulations. This has freed us from the worry of tax compliance in both countries. Over and above keeping us complaint, they have been an invaluable sounding board when we have found ourselves facing personal decisions that have had tax consequences through the years we have been living in the US.